Shop story

In September 98 the Hönscheid family opened the shop. The idea was to have a real surf shop, not a boutique with a few token boards in the corner.

Because of this the shop is situated where the road from Corralejo turns off to Majanicho and the famous North Coast, just opposite of the soccer stadium. With this position we are like the crossroads for all the ocean minded people here on Fuerteventura and we are able to filter out the surfers from the tourist masses.

Northshore- a shop with soul and tradition, where you can come in and hang out with us, read the new magazines or check the latest Internet swell and weather reports. Ute, Sonni or Janni can also give you current local beach conditions or lodging tips.

We are happy to welcome you!


the northshore shop owned by the Hönschei family in Lajares Fuerteventura
the northshore surfshop and surfboards crew Ute and Jürgen Hönscheid, Sonni Hönscheid and Janni Hönscheid in Lajares, Fuerteventura

JH- soulwear

Some years ago we started JH Soulwear with T-shirts. Because of the great success we extended the range to sweatshirts, shorts and so on. As with the boards we follow our principles of small, flexible and exclusive lines. Our screenprinters are in the neighbourhood and we are in constant contact with them, exchanging ideas for classic and new designs.


Northshore shop and boards in Lajares Fuerteventura Hönscheid Family

Other products

We have got masts, sails, booms, leashes, backpacks, ding kits, fins, bodyguards, wetsuits, beach slaps- the list goes on and on ! We test everything personally and have got great competitive prices. Check it out!



brands of north shore shop & boards

Find our north shore shop

when you come from Corralejo, you find the shop on the left side just opposite to the soccer stadium. At the first roundabout to the right you drive to Majanicho and the northcoast.

Surfboard and boogieboard rental

Northshore Surf Shop rents out custom made surfboards and boogie boards in the most popular sizes - Please, ask for special longterm and group rates.

BIC, NSP or similar boards: 9Euros daily/45,- a week

Northshore custom: please contact us for prices

Boogieboards: 6Euros daily/ 36,- a week


the opening hours of the north shore surfshop in Lajares Fuerteventura owned bei the Hönscheid Family
Sylts online and print newspaper
Sylts online and print newspaper